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Where has Amazing Grass taken you?

We are fanatics about living healthy and enjoying all the recreation that good health can afford. Send us your photos of where Amazing Grass has taken you...and we might just put you up on our site


One '86 4Runner. Two Climbers. Three Months. The Entire West Coast. Follow The Dream. Follow Phil and Brett as they climb their way across the west coast.

"Starting October 15, 2009 we’re setting off on a 3 month road trip to rock climb all of the major destinations down the West Coast of the U.S. Starting in Seattle, we'll be making a massive loop, driving the coast as far south as Mexico, and eventually returning north further inland. The primary goals of the trip? Leaving life behind, climbing as many classic spots as possible, all while running south from the weather. Thanks to the support of Amazing Grass we'll be able to stay properly nourished while enduring life on the road. We're looking forward to enjoying the benefits of good nutrition throughout our climbs".

Keep up with Phil and Brett at their blog, Phil and Brett's Excellent Adventure.

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